Pricing: Specification & Features

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At an early stage, it is possible for new owners to choose from a range of finishes to suit all tastes and budgets. We will introduce a four-tiered pricing structure that has similar options proposed for Waterside, the equally high quality but smaller house located next door (please see specification list for Waterside).

Prices are expected to range from 2.4 million to 2.75 million depending on options selected. We have been asked to consider a smaller scheme (subject to planning approval) reducing the house but still creating a considerable large home of over 4200 square feet, in this case, pricing from £1.95 million to £2.45 million. Should the houses not be secured off plan our build target would utilise options mainly from the gold to platinum range.

We hope to have full pricing information live on our website by the middle of October, including the scaled-down option so please visit again for updates.